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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ohio Rapper Sentenced To 15 Years

Rapper THOT, 24, whose real name is Eric Durrell Chavis coerced a 16-year-old girl to take her clothes off during one of his video shoots. She recently spoke to 10tv about the incident and claims that the shoot was originally meant to be with clothes. She also admitted to contemplating suicide after the clip was uploaded to social media platforms, YouTube and one porn site. “My son was two when that happened to me. I was so afraid my son was going to see that I tried to end my life,” she said while also explaining how it negatively impacted her life. “I was a straight A student. I was going to school and I dropped out school because of it.”

Chavis had other victims. He reportedly shot footage of multiple underage girls and used it for his music videos, according to Prosecutors. The videos were discovered by authorities in March 2015 during a prostitution sting at a Columbus hotel. Investigators found numerous videos made by the rapper who also describes himself as a pornographer. He pleaded guilty in June to one count of conspiracy to produce child porn, according to He will be under court supervision for the 10 years after his release and will have to register as a sex offender.

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