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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Young Thug Comes Out Of The Closet

Every since Young Thug came out on the big screen, I always wondered if he was gay! Was he doing it for a check or for respect? Having six children doesn't necessarily mean you love sex, not according to Young Thug, who at the age of 25 has made mothers of four different women.

In a recent interview profiling Thug's relationship with fiancee, Jerrika Karlae, the soon to be newlyweds opened up about the progression of their romance from the club to the bedroom. For awhile there, Jerrika says she thought something might have been wrong with Thugger, with it taking them six months to have intercourse. According to the "No, My Name Is Jeffery" rapper; his abstinence had nothing to do with any moral conviction.

“We wasn’t doing it on like no it’s too early to have sex shit,” he told VFILES. “I don’t care for sex that much. I’ve never actually had sex with her. Never ever. Our first time doin’ grown stuff, she did it. She pulled me to the room and was like ‘come here’.”

Such news might come off as a shocker for fans who've come to associate the Atlanta rapper with his sexuality, considering his arc from debuting with a Barter 6 album cover in which he posed butt naked, to the recent headline-grabbing antebellum dress he donned on the cover of his most recent drop. For Jerrika, as time went on his discipline made him all the more appealing to her. She went on to confirm that it was she who would eventually initiate their sexual romance, describing a time in which she pulled him into a room after a few drinks.

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