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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Lima, Ohio Refinery Explosed

I hope my city is not going to be the first zombie nation! A loud explosion at the Husky Lima Refinery shook Lima and the surrounding area early on Jan 10, 2015. Authorities said there’s no immediate danger to the area, although the fire continues to burn.

An isocracker at the refinery exploded around 6 a.m. While the isocracker continues to burn, the flames and fumes neighbors notice are strictly oil burning off and shouldn’t pose a threat to the environment or residents.

The company was “managing the situation” at 8 a.m. He said the fire started on a processing unit. All personnel had been accounted for, and there were no reported injuries, he said. There was one unrelated injury of a man with a head injury.

Sgt. Andy Green, of the Lima Police Department, said the fire was still burning, but residents should be safe if they remain in their homes. Traffic was restricted in all directions near the refinery, essentially from Fourth Street to Vine Street. Only emergency responders are allowed to approach, according to the Lima Police Department.

People as far away as Bluffton, Delphos and Wapakoneta reported feeling the rattle from the explosion, which woke many people in Lima. The explosion was worse than any other he’s dealt with in his 17 years as EMA director. That’s including the 2006 explosion of an oil tanker on Allentown Road. He noted that incident involve 10,000 gallons of fuel and this was “significantly more than that.”

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