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Sunday, May 21, 2023

The Real Young Prodigys "CROWN Remix" Single | @youngprodigys_

"CROWN Remix" is the latest single and music video by Louisville-based youth hip-hop group The Real Young Prodigys. The music video is directed by Dantana Smith and filmed by Cultivating Perception. Released via Hip-Hop Into Learning, March 2023.
MEFeater writes: “The Real Young Prodigys released "CROWN Remix" with a video directed by Dantana Smith, featuring the girls in bright-colored wigs doing fun choreography while simultaneously bringing awareness to and spreading the message about respecting hair and choice. Lines like ‘we rock our hair in different ways’ stand out as statements that speak to the individuality and uniqueness of natural hair.”

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BPace (@1bpace) - "Tell Me Wassup"

Mississippi Gulf Coast multi-talented artist and director BPace releases his brand new single entitled "Tell Me Wassup", out now on all music streaming services.

#Stream #NewMusic by Beyonce and Kedrick Lamar - America Has a Problem #Remix

While the remix sticks to its original dance beat, it quickly goes into Kendrick Lamar's verse a few seconds in, which includes an ode to the Beyhive and artificial intelligence.

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Polo Baybee (@_PoloBaybee) f/ Flawcee - "Head Down" (Video)

Jackson, Mississippi artist Polo Baybee releases his official music video for his summer anthem entitled "Head Down" featuring female artist Flawcee. 

Friday, May 19, 2023

Orlandoh (@HBrathwaite3) f/ Nephew Hittman - "Step To The Tempo" (Video)

Orlandoh releases his new single “Step To The Tempo.” This is a reggae-fusion record with hints of R&B and rap. It’s produced by Wes Simmons and Nephew Hittman. “Step To The Tempo” is the lead single from Orlandoh’s fourth mixtape, “Tegareg Times.” Orlandoh, born in 1998 as Henderson Brathwaite, is a rapper, actor, and model from Red Hills, Saint Andrew’s Parish, Jamaica. He grew up in South Norfolk, Virginia. His childhood included homelessness, juvenile incarceration, and street hustling. He didn’t allow the hard times to define his entire life. After graduating high school in 2016, Orlandoh went to Pratt in Brooklyn, New York for an AS in Communication Design and BA in Film. He started out his journey in the music industry as part of the rap group Ghost Inc.

Nando STL (@NandoSTL) - "Y.O.T.A." (Album)

St. Louis rapper Nando STL released his debut project Y.O.T.A or ‘Year of the Ape’ today via Nappy Boy Entertainment. The 10-track body of work, almost entirely produced by PDUB (Da Baby, Tory Lanez, John Legend, Kirk Franklin), features guest appearances by Nappy Boy label-head T-Pain, STL legend Nelly + more, and was mastered by Darwin at Chicago’s Classik Studios. Recently released singles “Weakdays”, “Loud” and the title track “Y.O.T.A” featuring T-Pain and Young Cash, are all found on the release. ‘Y.O.T.A’ is available everywhere now. In time for mental health awareness month, the soul-felt project highlights themes of mental health. With lyrics like “Imma throw a smile on and crack jokes all the way home, and then I’ll tuck my kids in and go and cry alone…,” on tracks like “Weakdays,” Nando shares thought-filled, internal commentary on his struggle with depression while faking happiness as he navigates life’s challenges. Alongside his new music, Nando has been on tour with T-Pain, supporting select dates across his nationwide run, with additional ongoing (unannounced) dates through mid-July. With Y.O.T.A., Nando is cementing his spot among hip-hop’s new regime of newcomers.“This year I wanted to do something totally different than what I've ever done as an artist,” said NandoSTL. With his new label home and forthcoming body of work, Nando STL is poised to be a 2023 ‘Artist To Watch’.

Star2 (@Star2Official), Lil Poppa (@ThatBoyPoppa) & $tupid Young (@dollasignyoungg) - "Gangstas" (Video)

Star2 is stamping his footprint on the future of Asian-American hip-hop with his adrenaline pumping beats and vividly rich visuals that tell a story of grit. His latest music video for “Gangstas” alongside $tupid Young and Lil Poppa is an immersive trip through the subconscious scars each artist has endured on their climb toward greatness. “Gangstas” will set your pulse racing with dark lashes of piano, mesmerizing beats that cast shadows over the gloom, and intrepid vocals that ruminate on each rapper's difficult past. Directed by Chico Bennett, the music video takes place at a haunting church adorned with holy icons that add to the inescapable gravity of “Gangstas”. Each rapper bears their soul from the confines of a confession booth, praying in the pews or gazing up toward the heavens in search of a better future. $tupid Young raps, “Life is like a game of chess, you better watch how you move." “Gangstas” will immerse you in the cavernous bends of each artist's inner-psyche as they walk through memories full of danger and deceit. Star2 and $tupid Young recently collaborated on their EP entitled Different Breed. Together, these two rappers are shaping the trajectory for Asian-American hip-hop to come. Star2 has worked alongside the likes of Soulja Boy, Luh Kel, and HoodTrophy Bino to name a few. The “Gangstas” music video continues his legacy of hard-hitting beats laced tight with experiential lyricism.

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Dream Ear Productions (@DreamEarProd) f/ Too Short (@TooShort) & Mistah F.A.B (@MistahFAB) - "West Side" (Lyric Video)

Bay Area, CA beatsmith Dream Ear presents "West Side", his new single featuring Mistah F.A.B. and Too $hort. The producer and songwriter born DeShawn Davis is owner and operator of Dream Ear Productions, which released its debut instrumental album, The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of 1.0 in 2020 (stream on Spotify). Mistah F.A.B. and Too $hort are both veteran NorCal rappers, F.A.B. boasting a varied career spanning solo artistry, production and battle rap, and $hort one of the unquestioned pioneers of both independent hiphop and the West Coast sound. "I've wanted to work with these two legends since I was a teenager," Dream Ear says about his new single. "Now I'm doing it and it's a surreal moment in my life. Let alone a song about the WEST!!" "West Side" is out now on Dream Ear Productions.

How The Crack Era Changed Black America Forever


The 1985 CRACK era was not a mistaken identity drug for Black Americans; It was an intentional target against the chosen people. Although Nixon declared the war on drugs on June 17, 1971, the U.S. already had lots of practice imposing drug prohibitions that had racially skewed impacts.

$125K Worth of Luxury Bags Stolen from New Jersey Mall


Video coming out of New Jersey shows four masked men staging a luxury handbag heist.