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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Who is Benny the Jet?

 Iowa is the field dreams, and for Iowa City artist, Benny the Jet, his dreams are coming true.  

Having worked with artists he calls friends such as popular independent artists Futuristic and Lex Bratcher, Benny the Jet has seen first-hand the hard work and dedication it takes to be independently successful and is ready to put the work in. That self-reflection and manifestation paid off as he was picked up by DJ K Yung, long time popular Midwest DJ for management and Brett “Bert” Johnson as his road manager. 


All roads to musical success and achievement have not though, always been so clear and easy. Born in Los Angeles, California and having moved to Iowa City, Iowa at a young age, Benny the Jet has had to deal with not only the loss of his adopted father but also racism and discrimination. As an adopted biracial child, Benny the Jet turned to music as a release and homage to his family exposing him to the creative side of life. “I was adopted into a very theatrical family and that exposed me to a lot of different performance avenues. I grew up doing plays, musicals, choir, and band. I fell in love with Hip-Hop in my teenage years and started to pursue a career in music. “, Benny states.  


Benny the Jet is set for his best year yet, as he has his sights set on his first EP yet to be titled and his release of his podcast “In the Cockpit” which has featured some well-known DJs, musicians, and artists. He continues to pursue every avenue in music and entertainment making his brand ever so stronger.  

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Submuzik Boss Returns To The Music Scene With New Single "I Need That"

Submuzik Boss is impossible to ignore. Born in Milwaukee, SMB is revered for his emotional honesty, sweet melodic songs about pain, and young love that he crafts. The rapper speaks his mind through haunting tales packed with pure bars, street tales, and passionate deliveries. Having sky high ambitions and a work ethic to match, he consistently progresses with clarity; without compromising his well-honed sound. 

The rapper’s interaction with music started from early on. His father and godfather (who are both musicians), SMB always registered his presence in the studios where they recorded and he subtly learned from those sessions. Drawing from influences like T-Pain, T.I. and Twista, SMB’s sound is tailored to motivate people not to give up on their dreams. Pulling from his wealth of experience as he recounts painful tales of his mistakes.


SMB announced himself to the world in 2018 with the technically impressive album “Dope Vibes”. The record focuses on themes of love, hustle tales, and healthy self reflection on piano-driven production. SMB’s ear for melodic sound gave the project an ear worthy texture, as his voice shape-shifted between gruff declarations of street life and sweetened confessions of love and lust. 

SMB’s narrative has been a slow and steady progression of coming from nothing, to someone whose name you’ll never forget. The gospel of SMB is vibrating on a higher level. While the rest of his story remains unwritten, we’re all a work in progress. This is only the beginning. (Edited by Rosetta & Savana)

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