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Monday, December 21, 2020

Jennifer Lopez Stuns in Beyoncé 's Ivy Park Collection

If there's one collaboration we'll always be ready for, it's Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé.

Almost as if the superstars knew that we all need a little more joy in our lives in 2020, J.Lo decided to showcase some pieces from Beyoncé's latest Ivy Park collection. As expected, Beyoncé's designs look perfect on J.Lo, and it's basically proof that the pair should start cooking up even more creations together in the new year.

Lounging on her couch, Lopez captioned the snaps, "Swaggy Saturday," and credited her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, as the photographer. Wearing a head to toe glossy gold tracksuit, with Timberland boots, J.Lo showed, once again, that activewear can be chic.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Iyanla Vanzant Doesn't Hold Back When It Comes To R. Kelly


Just to be clear, the troubled R&B star reached out months before the airing of “Surviving R. Kelly” and the backlash. However, Iyanla declined because she said he didn’t have the “capacity” to go through her process of healing and she didn’t want to exploit him simply for ratings.

She also noted that she doesn’t believe he shouldn’t be put in jail…because it won’t rehabilitate him.

Saturday, December 12, 2020

K. Michelle Criticized For Wishing R. Kelly Was Free


On Wednesday morning, the singer took to Twitter where she wished that R. Kelly was free so that he could help guide her career.

"I swear if Rob was here so many of my musical questions would be answered," she tweeted. "If you have a mentor u need to learn as much musically as possible, but I took so days of learning for granted never knowing this would happen to him." She also added that R. Kelly was being "crucified" he has a "sickness."

Michelle was bombarded with backlash for suggesting that her musical guidance is more important than justice served for Kelly's years of abusive behavior. Though it was repeatedly brought to her attention that pedophilia is still a federal crime, K. Michelle decided to double down on her comments. She then compared R. Kelly's predatory behavior to addictions like alcoholism.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Machine Gun Kelly takes aim at Eminem again


Machine Gun Kelly has reacted strongly to media reports that followed his recent talk with the Interview Magazine.

During his interview, the Cleveland rapper had also discussed his infamous beef with Eminem among many other issues.

MGK admitted that it was his beef with Em that prevented his album "Hotel Diablo" from fulfilling his expectations.

Why It Costs Big Money to Be Beyoncé


Ultimate power couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z know how to draw a crowd. Most recently, their 2018 On the Run II stadium tour garnered more than $250 million — approximately $5 million per night, according to Forbes.

Always busy, Beyoncé released the Netflix documentary “Homecoming,” in 2019, giving fans an inside look at her famed Coachella performance the year before. Also a fashion designer, the second collection from her Adidas x Ivy Park collaboration debuted in October 2020.

Together, the multitalented Carters have a combined net worth of $1.5 billion, and Beyoncé alone is worth millions — $500 million to be exact, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Jennifer Lopez accused of copying Beyoncé

From the outfit to the hair to the chair dancing and lighting, Jennifer Lopez's American Music Awards performance Sunday night looked very familiar to some.

The singer performed a sexy duet Sunday night with male artist Maluma at the awards show and social media immediately started pointing out the similarities to Beyoncé's 2014 Grammys performance with her husband, rapper Jay-Z.

Lopez sported a black body suit with cutouts for "Pa' Ti" and "Lonely" much like Beyoncé did when she sang "Drunk In Love" at the Grammys.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Fight For R. Kelly's $1.5 Million Dollar Royalty Account


R. Kelly has more than $1.5 million in a royalties account with Sony, the singer’s former record label. The question now: Who gets that money?

R. Kelly’s former Near West Side landlord secured a $3.5 million judgment earlier this year against the jailed singer to cover past-due rent. A woman sued the singer last year, alleging sexual abuse, and was awarded $4 million. That woman, who the Chicago Sun-Times is not naming, is one of Kelly’s four alleged victims in his pending criminal case in Cook County.

After the awards were issued in each suit, attorneys for both plaintiffs contacted Sony with a “citation to discover assets,” which revealed Kelly had $1,544,333 in a now-frozen royalties account.

Mariah Carey’s brother slams new memoir


The launch of Mariah Carey’s forthcoming Christmas album has been overshadowed by a family feud that is apparently about to become a legal headache for the singer.

The 50-year-old released her second memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, back in September but the book didn’t sit well with one member of the Carey clan.

Mariah’s brother Morgan has strenuously denied some of the claims she made in the book and said that the singer in his opinion is on the verge of a ‘breakdown.

In the book, Mariah Carey claimed that her brother had accepted money to kill someone but that he never actually went through with the killing.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

See The Best Eminem Cars Out Of His Massive Collection (Photos)


Two things are essential to Eminem when buying a new car: fuel economy of at least eight miles per gallon and satellite navigation so he can’t lose himself. Beyond those simple requirements, there’s speed. Lots and lots of speed.

Marshall Mathers III, who turns 48 today, has a penchant for Porsches and very fine Ferraris. Given he rewrote the rules of hip-hop in the late 1990s, exploded the genre in Middle America and around the world and sold more records in the 2000s than any other artist, Eminem can afford a garage stuffed with exotica.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Before They Were Famous - Jay-Z


Before Jay Z would be crowned the best rapper alive, with 21 grammies, 13 number 1 albums, and a net worth of 520 million dollars

Before he would stop promoting Cristal champagne in his songs after the manager of the company made some ignorant and ungrateful comments, and Jay went and bought his own champagne company instead.

Before Jay Z and Beyonce became the biggest power couple in the biz, only to have his cheating scandal rock headlines and have people question if Bey would stick with him.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Jennifer Lopez Celebrates One Year of Promise!


#TBT ✨ One year ago I made myself a Promise... to love who I am and believe in my dreams no matter what came my way.... Have you kept your Promise? 🌱🌺 !!! #WhatsYourPromise

Monday, September 21, 2020

Redman's Staten Island Crib On MTV

MTV Cribs visits rapper Redman at his home in Staten Island back in 2001 and again in 2014. Could the tour of his grimy Staten Island duplex possibly have been real?

Monday, September 14, 2020

Will Kanye West Surpass Jay-Z?

For the better part of hip-hop’s existence, it was solely considered a genre of music. We now recognize the larger cultural movement surrounding the New York-bred art form as a leading force driving growth in fashion, entertainment, food and beverage, and technology. As a result, the top 10 highest earners of 2019 on Forbes’ annual list of hip-hop’s richest account for a staggering $633,500,000 in combined earnings. And for the first time in his career, Kanye West ($150 million) has outpaced the rest of his competitors to take the top spot — leapfrogging JAY-Z by $69 million.

It was certainly a banner year for West, especially considering he claimed to be $56 million in debt just over three years ago. While earning the top spot is certainly noteworthy, his income jumped dramatically between 2018 and 2019, accounting for a net increase of $122,500,000. Although the entire industry had a great year — with the top 20 acts’ revenue increasing by 33 percent since 2018 — the huge financial increase poses an interesting question: with an album on the way, YEEZY accounting for $1.5 billion in annual sales, and a track record of exploring radical projects, will Kanye West be joining JAY-Z in the billionaire’s club?

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Is Eminem Obsessed With Mariah Carey?

After allegedly being concerned that Mariah Carey was going to spill all the intimate details of their relationship in her upcoming memoir, the songstress revealed that she does not talk about the Real Slim Shady in her book.

Carey’s new memoir, “The Meaning of Mariah Carey,” will drop on September 29th, and already, she’s hyping up its release. Much ado has been made about the fact that she might be addressing her brief fling with Eminem — to the point that the “Vision of Love” singer had the “Kim” rapper allegedly “worried” about what she might reveal.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

MTV Cribs With The Wu-Tang Clan

Here is another classic episode from MTV's Cribs. This time we take a look at members of Wu-Tang and the way the live.

Jennifer Lopez Is Joining The Beauty Business

Jennifer Lopez's big announcement is finally here! The multi-talented star is officially launching her own beauty brand, J.Lo Beauty.

Lopez shared a sneak peek of the line with a post captioned "Sunset glow." In the photo, the singer wears a full face of makeup with blush, bronzer, eyeshadow, and lip gloss.

Not much else is known about J.Lo Beauty. At the beginning of the month, Lopez told fans she was shooting a video for her secret project. "I've been shooting a video for the past two days, and I should be sleeping right now," she says. "But I don't know, maybe I'm excited to get back to the set."

Sunday, August 16, 2020

What Rihanna Thinks of Donald Trump

In case fans didn't already know how she feels about the president, the singer used her platform to share the spray-painted words "F--- TRUMP" in a series of colorful graffiti photos posted on Instagram Friday night (Aug. 14). The graffiti artist wore an oversized "psychedelic" Fenty hoodie.

"art," Rihanna captioned the image, adding the hashtag #81 days, her countdown to the 2020 presidential election.

Monday, May 18, 2020

How Beyoncé And Jay-Z Fell In Love

Once upon a time, Jay Z and Beyoncé fell in love. But—when, exactly? At this point, it seems as though music’s preeminent power couple has been together forever, but there were actually several years where they kept the world at large guessing, denying their undying love while likely continuing to date under the rader (or—as under the radar as two famous people can be).

Though there are varying reports as to when exactly they first came face to face, but in 2007 Jay told Charlie Rose he met Bey “10 years ago,” or in 1997; Queen B told Seventeen a year later that “I was 18 when we first met, 19 when we first started dating.” So young! Beyoncé was born September 4, 1981, so that’d mean they met in late 1999 or early 2000. Since women have a better memory than men, we’d bet on Bey. (Jay was born December 4, 1969, which means he was about 30.)

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Before They Were Famous - Jennifer Lopez

Before Jennifer Lopez turned a vibrant dancing career into Hollywood fame and transformed again into an international singing sensation. Before for Jennifer Lopez would make big booties all the rage in Hollywood.

Before J-Lo  wed three times including her time with Marc Anthony and dated many other a Hollywood celeb including Ben Affleck and P. Diddy.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

#Stream #BeanCity #Rapper Gansta Marcus on all Digital Services @ganstamarcus

The underground sensation Gansta Marcus of  Lima, Ohio is well known for promoting unsigned artist and creating cool articles that get music fans to engage with him in various ways.

With only 90 days left of his prison terms, Gansta Marcus will return to the studio for the first time in almost five years. The Ohio rapper was making a name for himself when touring South America while searching for unsigned artist.