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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Casket D. (@CASKET_MGB) & Statik Selektah (@StatikSelekt) - "CALCULATED" EP

After releasing HEALER at the tail end of of 2021 and soaking up all it's success in 2022, Casket D teams up with the legendary Statik Selektah in collaboration to hand us CALCULATED. The 4 track EP sonically blends seamlessly and doesn't take a bar off lyrically over the span of just under 13 minutes. Intense in your face lyricism, vivid storytelling to rival your favorite big screen thriller and tons of bravado are laced over Statiks harrowing and soulful production where the delivery fits each pocket perfectly. From the first insert of the producers infamous name tag and seconds later Caskets voice eagerly stating "let's get right to it" a fuse was lit that ignites an explosion which lasts the duration of the EP. Until the final words of the project "hallelujah as I dash to the finish line" commence and only then, does the dust begin to settle.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Rorshax - "Bars Behind Bars" EP

RORSHAX is a hip-hop enigma. He is a lyrical doomsday scenario NASA scientists and religious prophets failed to foresee. Every track he records is an onslaught of hard bars and punchlines. There is no mercy. May God help us all. Something is not right with this dude. He needs to be studied, and so do his lyrics. What we do know is he is mixed race (German mother, Pakistani father). And him being raised in a multicultural environment could be why his approach to music seems to blur together different styles. He loves America, served in the US Army for 14 years (five years Active, nineyears Reserve) and worked in Federal Prisons as a Correctional Officer for almost six years. He is extremely impulsive, and quit his federal job with great pay and benefits to record rap music even though he had no experience. Rorshax ran out of the gate and into the studio like a rabid dog. His introduction to the world of Hip-Hop with his first EP titled Bars Behind Bars, includes six tracks, over 490 bars, and features by M-Eighty and Canibus. On the track titled Why’d You Do That, A&R Extraordinaire M-Eighty rips through twenty-four bars coming at the throats of established billionaires, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, as well as all his haters.He is followed by a very clever verse from Rorshaxacknowledging M-Eighty took a huge gamble dealing with him. The Final Test featuring Canibus is the first time Canibus ever recorded a 100 bar verse for a feature. And is followed by another 100 bar verse from Rorshax, totaling 200 bars from US Army Veterans for a 9 minute 24 second rap epic. Every track on Bars Behind Bars has Rorshax lashing out at the world over topics such as the need to execute sex offenders, the Afghanistan disaster (Rorshax served in Afghanistan in 2017), and even his disappointment with the Fast and Furious franchise. As angry as he is with the world, it's abundantly obvious he loves to rhyme, and demonstrates an amazing skill of syllable compounds and lyrical endurance. Rorshax is still writing and recording music, and if he keeps ripping through tracks the way he does, he will be cemented as an all time great.

Thursday, September 29, 2022

[EP] Mr MooQ "Halloween Re-wax"

Halloween is here again! The New Occupants and Mr MooQ had a complete meltdown and created the Halloween Re-wax EP for you. Seven awesome tracks to make any Halloween celebration more fun!

Start your journey by entering the House of Wax where monsters and celebrities come alive to rock, pop, and dance beats. Then Return to the House of Wax and Bend the Ear of the World with spooky vocals, driving grooves and spine-chilling sound effects. You'll be shaking your body up and down while you screeeeam with the monsters.And be the first to hear the exclusive, just-released bonus track, Web of the Spider. She's always looking for another fly on the wall!

Always remember to Be Careful What You Listen To but be sure to listen to the electrifying Halloween Re-wax EP! As The New Occupants and Mr MooQ say, "if you're foolhardy, come join the party; there's always room for one more. . ."

Halloween Re-Wax track info:

01 House of Wax (Rock Version)

02 Return to the House of Wax

03 Bend the Ear of the World

04 Be Careful What You Listen To

05 House of Wax (Dance Version)

06 Return to the House of Wax (Klubjumpers Spooky Mix)

07 Web of the Spider

For more info on The New Occupants or Mr MooQ go to:

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Meikhel Philogene (@Meikhe1) - "Who Is M.E.I." EP

Meikhel Philogene releases his debut EP, "Who Is M.E.I." The music executive and artist manager, now adds musician and producer to his resume. The three-track EP features various sounds in an attempt to get to know Meikhel. "Who Is M.E.I." is a series of instrumentals. The EP starts off with a Boom Bap Hip-Hop beat with modern, novel sounds. The next song, "mysElf," takes the listener on an uptempo, piano-fueled journey. Meikhel then ends the EP with a song that features Spanish guitar and Gospel organ chords. "I really wanted 'I' to close out the EP with my ethnic background and church upbringing," Meikhel Philogene stated. "Who Is M.E.I." was entirely produced and executively produced by Meikhel. He plans to release more music throughout the year. Meikhel Philogene also plans to have music videos, and plans to collaborate with more artists and producers to build up his discography. For now, press play on Meikhel's "Who Is M.E.I." and discover who is he.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Adrian Junior (@theadrianjunior) - "Sun Down" EP

Los Angeles artist Adrian Junior proudly presents his brand new project titled "Sun Down". The 4-song EP demonstrates his versatile ability to blend west coast beats with super dope lyrics. EP is currently available on all streaming platforms. Be on the lookout for more releases from Adrian Junior this year.

Saturday, February 12, 2022

KA3 (@ka3writes) - "More Feelings" EP

Talented Charlotte, North Carolina based artist KA3 is here with her new EP “More Feelings”. Aimed to start 2022 with a bang, she puts the world on notice with a 3 track collection that shows the wide range of her skill. Her strong ear for flows, melodies and thought provoking lyricism are all on clear display. Track one, “Ivy Park Flows” catches her over mellow production with a rhyme pattern that’s as cool as a breezy day. “Live the past in the past, I’ll pass on you” she rhymes, letting her muse know the scathing lyrics of the song are truly meant. On “Malibu Vibes” KA3 links with niceymost & SunRhé for a feel good record that is set to find it’s way into your upcoming spring and summer playlists. Things close out with “Evernote Thoughts”, the most introspective of the tracks packaged for “More Feelings”. All in all, KA3 proves her appeal with a concise package that leaves no flaws to be found. This project follows her 2021 release “Feelings Inside Not Expressed”. Check it out now and keep up with for more in the future.

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Shai Sevin (@iamshaisevin) - "Gimmi£ 5 Mins" EP

Stand to attention: hip-hop artist Shai Sevin is, at last, dropping his debut EP, Gimmi£ 5 Mins. The five-act release is, by far, his most innovative work to date, with each instrumental brimming with nowness, whilst also bowing to the ‘old skool’ foundations upon which Sevin has built his concrete jungle. From “Win Doe”, where he brings cuttingly sharp strings to the forefront of the beat, to the militaristic drum rolls of “Rap Royalty” and electro-infused “Clowns”, every track brings a different flavour. “I started to create some instrumentals and had them on repeat in my headphones whilst travelling from A-B through London. As I was thinking of concepts for each track, it felt like there was a natural thread for the EP, without even forcing it,” Shai Sevin shares. Each experiment was like the gasoline, and his truths about carving a path for himself in an unforgiving industry were the flames. Gimmi£ 5 Mins is the inferno we’ve been waiting for: an honest, unflinching portrayal of an artist finally taking the throne. Every conversation, every experience, was part of this portrait. “To me, there are no rules in music”, he says. “Well, if there are… I broke them.”

TZIE (@igobytzie) - "TFROST" EP

Super Producer TZIE delivers his anticipated EP “TFrost” Washington, DC native TZIE born as Mark Evans Robinson Jr. wears many hats; Father, Husband, Super Producer, Singer, and Songwriter. The creative extraordinaire is signed with 4EYMG, which enables him to produce for an entire range of artists on the roster. The Suitland, MD Producer grew up in a blue-collar household where playing music wasn’t considered a career. Both parents worked for the DC Metropolitan Police Department with more than 25 years in service. As early as 2-years-old, TZIE knew that music chose him. He received a drum set for Christmas then the gift was born. “I became obsessed, taught myself. Once I felt I was great enough to start going out into the world with my gift, I grew a hunger for all the other instruments, then production, then audio production. Soon enough, I fell in love with everything music. Period,” says TZIE. If you have listened to Jade Alexis’ “Toxic” or Torazz” - “Baby I Gotta”, you would know that TZIE’s multi-talented abilities separate him from the rest. His creative sound is guaranteed to put him on top and keep him there. “I have no limits to my artistry now. I can go whenever and however I please and have the confidence that it will sound as good as I want it to.” - TZIE Most people recognize Kanye as a rapper, but TZIE recognizes the true artistry in Kanye —the Producer— which fuels the drive and pumps the inspiration of his music production mindset. “Kanye taught me the keys to success through our similar stories growing up. He taught me consistency, how to create outside of my comfort zone, work ethic, and most of all, how to inspire myself daily. I inspire myself now every day because of how Kanye molded my mindset to be,” he says. TZIE has aspirations of working with Ye, Travis Scott, Baby Keem, Snoop Dogg, Doja Cat, Tyler the Creator - to name a few. He has been steadily building his production arsenal with over 2,000 finished tracks and is ready to show the world- he is worthy of being highly recognized as the most slept-on Producer. Truthfully, TZIE is bringing a fresh new style of Hip-Hop to the industry. This impressive young up-and-coming Producer has completed his new EP “TFrost” which features a few of his labelmates like CharleeLynai and Lil Leek. The 7-track storyline is about TZIE’s alter ego, who is a bad villain but not by choice. The EP depicts events that took place in his life that caused him to be a cold-hearted individual that plays no games. In “TFROST”, TZIE will unapologetically take you on a journey. You will learn who he is, his mindset, his everyday life, and his thought patterns. “TFrost” is available on all digital music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play. Be sure to connect with TZIE on social media and all digital music platforms.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

BAE (@Hollywood_Luck) - "Relationship Rehab" EP

Jackson, Mississippi multi talented artist BAE, formerly known as Hollywood Luck, releases his new EP entitled "Relationship Rehab". The six track EP includes records such as "Real Love", "Home To" and "Bitch Better Block Me". So check it out and get some good rehab in your life.

Friday, October 1, 2021

Rayne Storm (@RayneStormMusic) - "Summer In The City" EP

Fresh of the release of his debut album "Uptown Baby", Harlem Rapper/Producer Rayne Storm is back with his ode to the summer, the "Summer In the City EP." The project features 7 songs and 2 skits for a total of 9 tracks, with a total run time of around 24 minutes. The music flows seemlessly from song to song starting off with the latin rhythm inspired title track "Summer In The City" featuring Qing Screw Face all the way to "Links", the cuffin anthem featuring Dizzy $padez. The EP also includes features from California's own DecadeZ on the banger "Prolly Me", iLeeyah Breeze on the B.I.G./Lil Kim type collab "Treesh" and Bronx lyricist Kony Brooks on "I Got It". "I Got It" also features Dizzy $padez who does triple duty featuring on a total of three tracks including "Body By The Summer", the workout song of the EP. "Summer In The City" also includes a solo track from Rayne Storm, the infectious drill anthem "Blicky Bop" along with skits by voice actor Joey Doe who appears on "Shower Posse" & "Bernice". Production is handled by Cabo Beats for 6 of the 7 tracks, with DecadeZ producing "Prolly Me". Overall, this may be the best project from Rayne Storm so far. The music is appealing, cohesive, well produced and generally entertaining. The "Summer In The City EP" is a soundtrack for that favorite season for most of us. A compilation of antics and experiences inspired that time of the year when the heat makes everything turn up! The "Summer In The City EP" is now available on all major streaming services.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Sean Christopher (@SChristopher01) - "222" EP

Detroit, Michigan native and R&B recording artist Sean Christopher delivers his new EP "222." The four track EP offers hard-hitting and addicting tracks that all consist of a listening experience that takes you out of this world. "Peace Of Mind" featuring Sada Baby is a fan favorite but his track "So Well" is an anthemic record for the independent folks out there getting to it. "222" is available on all streaming platforms so go ahead and run it up!

Monday, May 10, 2021

Z Munna - "Damnaged Goodz" EP

North Atlanta rapper Z Munna dropped his hard-hitting highly anticipated EP titled “Damnaged Goodz EP.” It was released on April 30th and showcases the artists strongest rap styles and excellent beat selection. For Z Munna’s first release of the year, his 5 song EP is a stand out! The project is a smash and leaves us thirsting for new music from the shining Gwinnett County recording artist. The EP is an enjoyable listen thanks to Z Munna’s effortless approach to every beat that comes his way. It's his tracks like “High School” featuring Jusjayr that makes our ears glued to everything Z Munna drops. “Damnaged Goodz EP” is available now on all platforms!

Friday, April 16, 2021

ILL G8z (@ILLG8z) & Just Allen (@TheJustAllen) - "The Cre8ive, Vol. 1" (Instrumental EP)

First Installment from the new production team "The Cre8ive", consists of West Hollywood, California producer ILL G8z and Atlanta producer Just Allen,  entitled "The Cre8ives, Vol. 1". Which consist of six instrumental tracks with various sounds of today melodic vibes and wavy drums.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

GG (@Genori_Parrish) - "Tears" EP

Grand Rapids, Michigan artist GG drops off his new EP entitled "Tears". "Tears" is a seven track EP lead by the single entitled "Tears" featuring Pressure". The other only feature is from Adeezy on the track called "On Bended Knee". Be on the lookout for dope music visuals from this EP and more hot music in the near future.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

JesusPiece178 (@JesusPiece178) & Youth Soul Love (@YouthSoulLove) - "The World Needs Jesus" EP

JesusPiece178 and Youth Soul Love present “The World Needs Jesus” a collaboration EP showing both worlds of creativity. Jesus comes from the Washington Heights section of NYC and links up with Youth Soul Love from Houston, Texas. This masterpiece displays JesusPiece178 talent on production and Youth Soul Love’s witty lyrics. You can check out the release “The World Needs Jesus” now on all digital platforms to stream and download. Be on the lookout for more to come.