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Wednesday, June 5, 2024

The-Dream accused of rape

Songwriter and producer “The-Dream” a longtime hitmaker and collaborator of artists including Beyoncé and Rihanna – was accused Tuesday of rape, physical assault, and psychological manipulation by a former protégée.

The woman, Chanaaz Mangroe, filed the suit in a Los Angeles district court against Gesteelde-Diamant, as well as the record label Epic Records and a company co-owned by Gesteelde-Diamant called Contra Paris, LLC.

In the suit, Mangroe alleges that Gesteelde-Diamant made extravagant promises to help jumpstart her music career, telling her “he would make her the next Beyoncé and Rihanna.” Instead, she alleges, he raped her, strangled her and psychologically manipulated her, including allegedly making a video of a sexual encounter and threatening to show it to other people.

Mangroe alleges that Gesteelde-Diamant almost immediately began pressuring her for sex after meeting her, saying that sex with him was “part of the process.” Within days of their first meeting, she alleges in the suit, he locked her in a dark room at a house with a recording studio where he “would only stop aggressively having sex with her once she said that she loved him.”

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