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Sunday, June 16, 2024

How Kanye West Tried to Destroy Nas


Rapper Nas has been musically quiet since his 10th studio album, 2012's Life Is Good. He broke his silence on June 15, however, with the release of his latest solo album, Nasir. Nasir is the result of album producer Kanye West's recent production stint in Wyoming.

In 2018, the news that Ye would be overseeing a new project from the legendary QB MC was enough to send hip-hop heads into a frenzied state. A proposition that was once confined to our dreams, the idea of such a visionary producer teaming up with one of hip-hop’s most profound and skillful lyricists was nothing short of fascinating, particularly those who’d felt that the one longstanding obstacle in Nas’ career has been a tendency to ply his trade over sub par beats.

Soon, speculative articles were penned breaking down their complementary qualities and hypothesizing over what sort of classic could await us in early June when it was set to drop. Instead, what we got wasn’t just underwhelming, but considering that it was Nas’ first project in six years, placed his entire future as a culturally resonant artist in jeopardy.”

So why don't the two work again? Want to cast your opinion? Comment your thought below about the situation between Kanye and Nas.

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