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Friday, May 17, 2024

Google Launches Initiatives to Promote Racial Equity


The increasing discussions on the impact of AI on economic mobility has led to questions on how it will impact the Black community. A recent study from the McKinsey Institute for Black Economic Mobility examines the potential AI could have on widening the racial wealth gap.

To ensure an inclusive move into AI, Google is working to bridge the gap through two new initiatives that promote racial equity and economic opportunity for historically overlooked communities. On Friday, April 26, Google launched the AI Essentials Course and AI Opportunity Fund.

“Research shows that employers are increasingly looking for AI skills, but not everyone has access to AI training.”

“We created the AI Opportunity Fund to help make AI training universally accessible throughout the U.S. Through the fund, we’re providing grants for best-in-class workforce development to organizations—like Goodwill—that have great reach in local communities and a track record of helping diverse workers upskill.”

The AI Essentials Course, developed by AI experts, provides foundational AI skills for a flat fee of $49. It provides participants with the best practices and responsible use of AI to enhance productivity and decision-making across various industries. Google’s aim for the course is to expand economic opportunities for individuals and communities alike.

“The course will help people-—regardless of their job or industry—use generative AI to develop ideas and content, make more informed decisions, and speed up daily work tasks,” Kulycky adds. “For example, if you’re a marketer, you can use the course to draft a marketing outline, research audience insights, and produce creative content ideas. After completing the course, people will earn a certificate from Google that they can share with their professional network.”

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