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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Feds Claim To Have Surveillance Footage of Diddy


The Feds first raided two of his properties in Miami and LA back in March. Back then they confirmed they were investigating allegations of sex trafficking. The new CNN report claims that the federal government acquired surveillance footage of a male sex worker inside Diddy's home. They also shared that the man claims he was "victimized" by the rap mogul and could end up a witness in any possible indictment against him.

It was just earlier this week that a new report in Rolling Stone accused Diddy of assaulting his girlfriend while in college at Howard. His team eventually responded to the claims, calling them unreliable. Real Legal consequences could be coming soon for the rap mogul as a Grand Jury formed in New York earlier this week. TMZ claims they may call for testimony from witnesses as they weigh their next move in the federal investigation of the rapper.

What do you think of Diddy allegedly "victimizing" a male sex worker that the feds claim they can prove was in his home? Do you think the rapper and businessman will ultimately face any consequences from the Feds investigation into him? Let us know in the comment section below.

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