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Monday, February 19, 2024

Inside Adele's Beverly Hills Compound


Adele is becoming a huge player in the international real estate game! The beginning of 2022 marrled her latest endeavour - the purchase of a mega-mansion in Beverly Hills. The home was listed for over $100 million but the singer got a deal at $58 million!

The star also owns three other Beverly Hills properties. The first, she purchased with her ex-husband, Simon Konecki, soon after their son Angelo was born. Following their split in 2019 Adele picked up the house next door, followed by a third property in 2021.

Adele also owns an extensive real estate portfolio in the UK, where she was born. The “Easy on Me” singer owns a London property in Kensington worth $7.7 million and another townhouse next door worth almost as much. She also has a modern beachfront property in Brighton and Hove and a historic Tudor-style mansion worth over $5 million. 

Besides the Hills and the UK, the star has also owned a Malibu mansion fit for Hollywood royalty. She’s lived in a New York City penthouse the size of a small town and has rented multiple California properties throughout the years. 

Adele values her fame and typically keeps the location of her residence private. Her homes are under secure gated protection and feature a “stay-cation” feel, even within suburban areas and downtown locations. 

Adele has lived in some pretty incredible homes over the years! With the release of her new album and the purchase of a mega multi-million dollar Beverly Hills mansion, the singer is shaping up to have an amazing year! Which of Adele’s homes would you like to live in?

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