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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Diddy Sued again! This Time by a Male


Rodney Jones, a former producer and videographer for Diddy, is suing the mogul, alleging repeated sexual assault and unwanted advances. Jones claims Diddy groped his genitals, touched his anus, and engaged in inappropriate behavior.


Jones also accuses Diddy of forcing him to watch a video involving Stevie J having sex and details incidents involving a female cousin of Yung Miami, prostitutes, drugging, and alleged rape.

The lawsuit includes claims of Diddy serving women drugged alcohol, bringing underage girls to parties, and directing Stevie J and Justin Combs to recruit prostitutes. Jones seeks at least $30 million in damages. Diddy's attorney, Shawn Holley, calls Jones a liar seeking an undeserved payday and promises to address the allegations in court. Justin Combs denies the accusations, calling them lies with legal consequences for defamatory statements.

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