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Monday, February 5, 2024

Did No Limit Records Peak Too Soon?


Today’s feature is a record label that is one of the most influential in urban entertainment history. There’s no questioning No Limit’s greatness throughout the 90s and their peak and dominance specifically toward the end of the decade. 

In 1998 alone No Limit released a total of 23 albums, 6 went platinum and 5 gold, selling a total of 15 million copies, making an astounding 160 million by years end. Label founder Master P’s strategy of flooding the market was in peak form to say the least that year, and the demand for the pen & pixel artwork, cleaned up street gangster lyrics and beats by the pound created it’s own chapter as many say in hip hop for No Limit Records. 

It’s impressive the feats Master P has been able to reach and the accomplishments of his artist, especially when they didn’t have a blueprint for the strategy the label chose. With the business mind of Mater P, I’m surprised No Limit didn’t find a way to dominate in the 2000s the same, or no longer have a presence in hip hop. What happened? How’d this great strategy/label fall? Did No Limit Records Peak Too Soon? What Happened?

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