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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

What Happened to DJ Envy?

The Breakfast Club host is facing accusations that he aided a New Jersey house-flipper who lost investors millions. He says those claims are false and defamatory.

Five months after an Instagram account first accused New York City radio host DJ Envy of being complicit in a multi-million dollar real estate investment scam in New Jersey, the situation has turned into a sprawling web of lawsuits, countersuits, bankruptcies and media coverage.

In at least 20 civil cases filed in recent months, dozens of investors claim that Cesar Pina and wife Jennifer Pina, New Jersey developers with famous friends, ripped them off — either through failed house flipping, a stalled apartment development project, or a startup they said would empower small investments in real estate.

But there is more to the fall of DJ Envy. Watch the video below!

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