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Monday, October 9, 2023

Method Man Talks Partying With Tupac & Diddy


Method Man appeared on ‘Drink Champs’ and recalled being at the 1996 Soul Train Awards afterparty while on mushrooms. Meth’s journey on ‘shrooms found him encountering both Diddy and Tupac on the same night, with Method Man noting seeing them both was at the height of the East Coast/West Coast rap beef. 

“I’m on mushrooms like a motherf*****. It didn’t hit me while I’m in the club ’til I saw Puff. I see Puffy with like six bodyguards and then it hit me. It was like, ‘Wait a minute.’ Mind you, Puff don’t speak to me. No, he speaks to me, but he never speaks to me like this. Embraces me, ‘Meth, what's up, n***a!' So now it’s like, ‘Oh s**t.’ I’m looking around to see if anyone saw me speak to this motherf*****,” said the rapper.

Method Man continued saying, “I just don’t wanna be on anybody’s f****** radar at this point. The shrooms. I’m in my head like crazy like, ‘Did that just happen?’ Because Puff’s never that nice to me. I mean, he’s nice, but never that nice to me. I’m f***** up off these shrooms. Now I’m at the peak of shroom high.”

From there, the ‘Tical’ emcee said Queen Latifah snapped him out of his paranoia. The rapper then recalled meeting Tupac and Suge Knight for the first time, with their conversation giving him an indicator that the beef wasn’t between coasts, but between rival record labels. 

Watch above at the 19:21 mark. 

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