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Saturday, August 5, 2023

#MusicVideo Trippie Redd’s “Left 4 Dead” #NowPlaying


Love doesn’t last on Trippie Redd’s new music video, “Left 4 Dead”.

Directed by Glenn Michael, a vulnerable Trippie vents on a break up and the consequences of taking love for granted from his very own burial ground.

“Wish it could fade, ooh, you left me for dead / I miss the tricks she used to do in my bed,” he wails six feet below before rising up to the surface. “You switched so quick I couldn’t even comprehend / You showed me why I can’t be fuckin’ ’round with love.”

“Left 4 Dead” is set to appear on Trippie’s forthcoming, A Love Letter To You 5 which also features “Last Days” and “Took My Breath Away” featuring Skye Morales.

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