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Friday, June 2, 2023

Jay-Z Wins $6.8 Million For Parlux Lawsuit


Jay-Z was wrapped up in a lawsuit with fragrance company Parlux, and the brand reportedly lost its appeal for a 2021 court ruling. The billionaire rapper countersued the brand in 2016 for unpaid royalties after they sued Hov for allegedly breaching his contract. Parlux was reportedly seeking $68 million. They claimed Jay-Z failed to promote their perfume as part of the terms of a 2012 contract.

A judge determined Jay-Z was owed money, and Parlux would go on to appeal the decision. Now, it has been decided that the court is sticking to the original decision, where Parlux pays Hov $6.8 million.

News of this comes after a judge ruled the company owed Jay the amount mentioned, with Hov saying, “Smokin' on that Parlux pack TONIGHT.”

Along with paying millions, Parlux will have to pay interest, according to Supreme Court Justice Andrew Borrok.

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