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Friday, May 26, 2023

Should We Agree With What Timbaland Said About R. Kelly Music?


Timbaland has faced backlash after he spoke about R. Kelly, saying the singer is still the “King of R&B,” even after his conviction for sex crimes across several states. 

While on Shannon Sharpe’s ‘Club Shay Shay’ podcast, Timbaland spoke about Kelly and said people should separate the crimes from the artist’s body of work. The producer said, “R. Kelly’s the King of R&B. We all know that, man.”

Timbo continued, “And it’s funny, I’m glad you talk about that, because I be having talks. Everybody jump when you say, R. Kelly. I’m like, ‘So we just gonna ignore his music that he gave us, that we all jam to?’ No, we can’t do that. His art is his art, I ain’t gonna bash the man’s art.” 

The producer then doubled down on separating his life from the art, saying, “Don’t mix music up with personal. Music is a feeling, it stands alone.” He continued saying, “Music is something that don’t have no race, it brings people together. It don’t have no drama with it. It is a place of enjoyment, a feeling, so don’t bring drama into music. Leave that outside.”

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Anonymous said...

They lie on him it’s all in the script the women and parents plus those so called friends did to

Anonymous said...

What make it so bad there were no sex tape of him with any under age girls when BonJean ask for it finally the FBI came out and said that they are no tapes . The only tapes was 3 consent adults tapes that included himself and ex wife on both with sparklers and Lisa van Allen.

Anonymous said...

I agree r Kelly is the man