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Friday, May 5, 2023

Gucci Mane - Pissy Ft Roddy Ricch and Nardo Wick


Gucci Mane’s third single of 2023 is here, which is “Pissy.” This record also includes two huge features from Roddy Ricch and Nardo Wick. Gucci initially announced Pissy on Thursday, as he hinted that it may have vibes reminiscent of his 2009 “Lemonade” single. 

This comes after Gucci released his “06 Gucci” single featuring DaBaby and 21 Savage a month ago, as well as his “King Snipe” single featuring Kodak Black, in January.

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In addition to Gucci dropping off the Pissy single, the visuals are also available. There, Gucci, Roddy and Nardo definitely brought the bright yellow vibes, as well.

Gucci releases “Pissy” single with Roddy Ricch and Nardo Wick

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