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Sunday, April 30, 2023

Who Was King Von?


King Von was born in the Parkway Gardens neighborhood of Chicago in 1994, and though he retreated to Atlanta to find peace and escape his hometown, his trouble with the law never truly escaped him. Many of his most popular songs paid tribute to Chicago; he was best known as a chronicler of street life, building narratives of tense nights on the streets and his desire to escape the gangster's mentality.

Von existed in the post-drill landscape of Chicago rap, indebted to first generation stars like G Herbo, Chief Keef and King Louie, but intent on carving his own stylistic aesthetics into the genre. His songs are narrative, with a dead-eye nihilism softened by the humor and empathy brought to his rhymes.

King Von, a Chicago rapper who found success in his city before relocating to Atlanta, was shot and killed. A fight in the parking lot of the Monaco Hookah Lounge on Trinity Avenue in the city sparked a shootout between two groups, according to police. He was 26.

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