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Tuesday, April 25, 2023

#PressPlay or #Stream "Bad Bitch" #Anthem #Remix


Need a "Bad Bitch" banger for the strip clubs to play? Is she independent and strives for herself. Is she a self-respected, strong female who has everything together.

The term "Bad Bitch" originated most commonly by music artist to describe females that had a bad attitude, but an attractive body. Being a "Bad Bitch" does not mean they have a job, can cook good, clean good or anything defined above. Don't be fooled by the previous definitions, for they do NOT define what a bad bitch truly.

A bad bitch is one who is independent, a bosslady, H.B.I.C, does what she wants, when she wants and isn't concerned with what others say or think about it. She has the highest self confidence and self-esteem no matter what her size.

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