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Saturday, April 15, 2023

Do You Think Michael Jackson Thanked Benzino for Dissing Eminem?


Benzino recently appeared on ‘The Gauds Show’ and made a claim about Michael Jackson about his past beef with Eminem. 

Benzino said Michael Jackson called him, saying, “I knew Mike. I met Mike through Teddy [Riley]. He called me, and he thanked me. Because when Eminem dissed him with the fire situation, in the [‘Just Lose It’] video, Mike called — and I remember his assistant put him on the phone — and I sat there and listened to him. And he thanked me.”

Benzino then made it clear he wasn’t against all white people, saying, “[Michael Jackson] started talking about Tommy Mottola. And it was one of the greatest moments of my life. And I’m not saying it because all white people are bad. We’re not saying that. Not all of them are devils. But Mike was referring to the situation in the music industry, and he was just going on a rant. But I’ll never forget that.”

The Source co-owner clarified his issue with Eminem, saying, “Everything I said was true. I said that Black people got Hip Hop and we got white people to finally buy into it. And now, they wanna give white people something that they can buy into.” He concluded by saying, “When Eminem came out, he just got different treatment than every other Black rapper. And I just didn’t appreciate that.”

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