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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Who is Dr. Meleeka Clary?


                Dr. Meleeka  Clary – A Meticulous Entertainer and a Qualified Psychologist

Dr. Meleeka Clary is a multitalented person who is active in multiple disciplines concurrently. She is a psychologist, an entertainer, a director, an actress, and a paralegal simultaneously. As a qualified psychologist, she emphasizes the need to live and endorse a healthy lifestyle that leads to physical and mental health. Dr. Clary is equally active on electronic and social media. She is vocal about the media's contribution to human wellbeing and has proved it by appearing in numerous videos, short films, and series. 

Dr. Meleeka Clary is a psychologist by profession. She joined HMWP Psychology Counseling in 2019 and has since prepared content on YouTube. As a director, her debut work "Three Corners of Deception" depicts the struggles she went through after the divorce when she battled for her son's custody. Dr. Clary simultaneously took on the internal corruption prevailing in the judicial system.

Mental Health Counselor

In addition to her qualification as a psychologist, Dr. Clary has used her ancestral background to a good effect. Coming from a mixed background, she used her knowledge of native black, Indian Cherokee, and Portuguese background and used these in her clinical practices. As a result, she could identify and effectively troubleshoot problems many of her patients face. 

As a licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Clary has helped patients suffering from various degrees of depression, anxiety, grief, and trauma. She takes pride in helping people overcome their problems and live peaceful, trouble-free lives. Dr. Clary is passionate about assisting them to get rid of suffering and letting them experience a joyous, healthy life. 

Similarly, Dr. Clary meticulously studied cases during the early part of her career, most of whom were domestic violence and drug abuse victims. Some cases suffered societal isolation due to HIV. Her current employment as a criminal psychologist has allowed her to provide counseling and prepare educational videos on judicial deception using YouTube.

Inclusion In Who's Who

Marquis Who's Who biographical volumes recognized Dr. Clary by including her in their biographical volumes. Profiles are chosen based on various factors, including reference value, the person's position, accomplishments, prominence, and visibility in their field. Dr. Clary was included based on her professional expertise as a clinical psychologist with HMWP Psychology Counseling since 2020. She has a standout ability to communicate, allowing her to diagnose and treat mentally challenged patients expertly. 

Likewise, Dr. Clary teaches various methods to patients so they can efficiently overcome stress and reduce despair. When not busy with patients, Dr. Clary collaborates with other psychologists and discusses strategies to overcome different mental challenges. She actively writes and reviews notes about patients as these allow her to set up future appointments.

An Educator

Dr. Clary also served as an educator at the Ivy Tech Institute, Premier Education Group, and the Lincoln Tech Career Institute. She worked as a counselor at the Meaningful Days Service in Indianapolis and Hilderbrand Shelter in Cambridge. 

Direction And Acting

Dr. Clary remains active in the media through her acting and directorial skills. Her contribution to the media is adequately acknowledged in the industry. She performed in the TV series Greenville, The Resident, and Nashville. She directed the Three Corners of Deception despite having no prior experience in this niche. Her directorial debut established her as a versatile performer. The landmark directorial movie is based on a true story. The story presents the hardships of a divorced woman that she faces when seeking custody of her son. She contested the case at an Indiana court and eventually lost.

The movie won praise from critics, followed by an excellent rating on IMDb. Performances of the entire cast, especially Dr. Clary, were equally appreciated for her directorial prowess. In addition, Dr. Clary has performed in a feature film titled Dr. Bird's Advice for Sad Poets. 

Laurels & Accolades

Dr. Clary has won several notable awards for her directorial film Three Corners of Deception. The most distinguished award Best Human Rights Director was bestowed during the Toronto International Women Festival. The movie was also screened and won a bronze award at Berlin International Art Film Festival.

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