Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Did Kanye West just Expose Beyonce and Jay-Z


Did Kanye West just expose Beyonce and Jay Z for killing someone? Or is he just tripping once again?

So Kanye West recently made some bold claims about Beyonce and Jay Z, and how they’re heavily involved in the occult and have performed human sacrifices. Of course, this sent everyone into a frenzy because, while there have been rumors of this for years, this is the first time we’re hearing from someone so close to the source.

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Anonymous said...

Kanye wants you to open your eyes. Look at the real Hollywood, hold tight to your children. Child trafficking, human sacrifices. Nothing is impossible.

Anonymous said...

🗑 piece. Conspiracy pushing BS. Don't waste your time watching the video

Anonymous said...

Watch the movie Baadasssss and then you can have a clearer picture of weather it’s true or not.