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Friday, November 25, 2022

Jennifer Lopez Announces New Album


Jennifer Lopez fans rejoice! The triple threat is making her big return to music, announcing her 2023 album This Is Me… Now on Friday, Nov. 25. J. Lo, 53, celebrated her first album in six years with an amazing video, that showed how much she’d changed since the release of her 2002 debut, This Is Me… Then.

Jennifer looked sensational in the video which showed her transformation from the fresh-faced cover of her debut album to the mega-diva she is today. The clip began with the “Let’s Get Loud” songstress kneeling down on the cover of her first album and looking totally millenium-chic in a pink baby doll dress with a matching beanie and frosty eyeshadow.


The album cover came alive as J. Lo looked up and told fans, “This is me then.” Then, the scene morphed to the present day, showing a chiseled 53-year-old Jennifer against a dark backdrop. She modeled a white corset, leather jacket and low-slung pants and declared, “This is me now,” as the melody from her title track played in the background.

The album marks a creative turning point for Mrs. Ben Affleck. This Is Me… Now “chronicles the emotional, spiritual and psychological journey that she has taken over the past two decades,” according to a press release about the forthcoming album.

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