Friday, November 11, 2022

Jay-Z Reminds Fans Who The GOAT Is


Jay-Z is reminding the culture who the greatest emcee of all time is, and Young Guru is helping spread awareness. On Tuesday (Nov. 8), Guru, Hov’s long-time audio engineer, took to Instagram to show some love to his “big homie.”

Young, née Gimel Androus Keaton, uploaded a picture of the proud father sitting on a mauve couch wearing all-black with white sneakers.

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The rapper, legally known as Shawn Carter, is seen drinking from one of his Grammy awards, surrounded by a gaggle of other accolades and trays full of assorted berries, biscuits, and other snacks. Of his 24 Grammys, 20 made an appearance in the snap.

Keaton, 48, took a moment to pay homage to Carter’s legacy and gave a little insight into how a conversation with The Blueprint 2 emcee could “refocus your entire life.

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