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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Offset Details Why Jay-Z Is the GOAT


Lately, the GOAT conversation in hip-hop has been lopsided in favor of Jay-Z. Rappers from across different eras reluctantly or otherwise have named Hov as the top dog in the sport and recently Offset provided his take on why the Brooklyn emcee reigns supreme.

According to Offset while speaking with Speedy Morman for Complex, Hov's GOAT status is predicated on his platinum albums.

"All his sh*t is platinum," Offset asserted. "So, you know like, sometimes the success is the reason why people say he's the greatest of all time [for] what he did after Rap," he continued. "Bro, on Rap, you can't play with him!... You can't play with him since the beginning of time. He always had the biggest records, he always got the biggest people and did the biggest records, and he still come back and make impactful records, right now."

"If Jay do a verse right now, everybody wanna hear it to support [what] the man saying," said Offset. "Twelve bars, 'cause it's not a—then he so up but his flows be so relatable."

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