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Friday, August 12, 2022

The Game Disses Eminem In "The Black Slim Shady"


Ahead of West Coast legend The Game's forthcoming album Drillmatic, the Compton native released a song titled "The Black Slim Shady" taking aim at Eminem

The Game throws in several jabs at Eminem in addition to Dr. Dre and 50 Cent in the 10-minute track. “I was in the Rolls-Royce with 5’9″s when you was pretending to be the white Royce Da 5’9″,” he raps. “And the biggest rapper in Detroit, that award is Sean Don.”

He also suggests that he'd rather listen 6ix9ine than Em at this point: “I never heard you in the club / I never heard you in a bar / Eleven albums and 10 never got played inside my car / I’d rather listen to Snitch 9 like 69 times and participate in 69s with 69 nuns than listen to you / You’re a Karen, call the cops.”

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