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Monday, August 29, 2022

Natalie Cofield Steps Down


Natalie Cofield, of Women’s Business Ownership at the U.S. Small Business Administration, is reportedly stepping down from her post today to return to the private sector.

Bloomberg reported that Madeira Cofield was not only one of the highest-ranking Black women in President Joe Biden’s administration but also the first Black woman to lead the Office of Women’s Business Ownership.

Madeira Cofield excelled in overseeing the largest expansion of the Women’s Business Center (WBC) network in the history of the Small Business Administration. Her championship of female entrepreneurship has proven to pay off for businesses recovering from the pandemic and those who need the support to grow or start their businesses.

Madeira Cofield’s exit from the administration marks Women’s Equality Day. The White House proclaimed this day to “honor the movement for universal suffrage that led to the 19th Amendment, celebrate the progress of women over the years, and renew our commitment to advancing gender equity and protecting women’s rights,” according to a press release.

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