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Sunday, August 28, 2022

Jay-Z Defeats Parlux In Court


The mogul testified in the case, saying, “It was so frustrating working with [Parlux].” He also said he was on trial for something he didn’t do. 

Now, a judge ruled Parlux to pay almost $7 million in unpaid royalties for his ‘Gold’ fragrance. This past Thursday, a Manhattan Supreme Court Justice ruled that $6.78 million is owed to Jay-Z, including interest. The perfume brand’s lawsuit was sparked in 2016, with Parlux seeking $68 million. They claimed Jay-Z failed to promote their perfume as part of terms of a 2012 contract.

Jay-Z countersued Parlux for $4.5 million in royalties, and the jury noted both parties shouldn’t be liable for damages. However, an appeals court ruled Parlux should pay royalty payments back to 2015, to be determined by the judge. Jay-Z’s lawyer Alex Spiro said, “We’ve been awarded and will be receiving the money as we should.” While walking out of court, footage showed Jay-Z speaking on the win, saying, “Smokin' on that Parlux pack tonight.”

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