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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

China Discovers Next Global Pandemic


According to Taiwan's Centers for Disease Control, a new potentially fatal disease called the Langya Henipavirus has emerged in Shandong and the neighboring providence of Henan (in China), and it has the potential to become the next global pandemic. Thus far, 35 people have reportedly come down with the animal-derived Henipavirus virus

Although none of the patients have died from the virus yet, WHO (the World Health Organization) has indicated that the fatality rate could land anywhere between 40 and 75% based on its classification in the "Henipavirus" category. 

Data regarding this new threat is scarce, but medical experts have stated that the symptoms of this virus include: anorexia, myalgia, nausea, headache, cough, fever, fatigue, and more. 

For more on this developing story, stay tuned.

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