Saturday, July 9, 2022

Why Can't Jennifer Lopez Keep a Man?


Jennifer Lopez’s music and entertainment projects aren’t the only reason she stays in the headlines. She’s also known for having a very active dating life. But many people are starting to notice a pattern. She’s rarely single, and she leaps into relationships, only for them to fall apart in the public eye.

Watch How Come Jennifer Lopez Can't 'Keep a Man


  1. Maybe she asks other women to step in for the actual physical stuff, like the singing 😂 So men date JLo and end having sex with Ashanti, Natasha Ramos, Christina Millian...

  2. She's a beautiful women I use to like Jennifer Lopez but she hop in the bed with to many guys,guys should be aware she coming off as a skank.

  3. Wow people are so good at judging what does anybody knows what s she’s all about ,