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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Azealia Banks Talks Beyoncé Being a Creep


Beyoncé recently dropped a new single called “Break My Soul.” The single finds Beyoncé pushing into the House music space, with many comparing it to Drake’s new sounds and Azealia Banks. The latter took to Instagram to speak on Beyoncé’s new music, delivering some choice words for the ‘Lemonade’ singer. 

Banks posted a variety of Instagram stories where she talked about Bey’s new single, saying, “Beyoncé's been trying to write me out of my own narrative for years.” Banks then called the singer a joke, saying, “You're trying to erase my contributions to house music, dance music…you're a f**king creep and you watch everything I do.”

After being mentioned by Beyoncé as an artist the singer was listening to while brainstorming for her new track, Banks delivered more words for the singer. Another one of Banks’ stories found her writing: “Why feel the need, after 13 years of my career, say you're 'brainstorming' with six people to my early records... which are miles beyond whatever flaccid and insincere attempt you just made to try for an attention grab during pride month?” Take a look above. 

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