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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Sean Paul Talks Beyoncé And Dating Rumors


There is no doubt that Beyoncé and Sean Paul‘s 2003 hit single “Baby Boy,” is a classic. However, there seems like there may have been some friction behind the scenes. Back in the day after dating rumors about Beyoncé and Sean Paul began to circulate, and things got weird between them he alleges.

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Apparently, the collaboration led to dating rumors, and that resulted in Bey and Sean performing the song live only three times. While rehearsing for a performance in Scotland, Sean says Beyoncé confronted him about the rumors.

Sean spoke on times where he felt someone sabotaged their potential performances of the song, but he never knew who was behind the whole situation.

One performance he detailed was for the VMAs. Sean says Beyoncé told him “We’re gonna have rehearsal, so look out.” However, he says while doing press for the show, he heard the music for the rehearsal going on, and then said someone from the label told him, “Yo…they’re not gonna do the song with you.”

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