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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Napri - Falling is Okay | Video & Single @naprimusic

 Napri has created a track that takes you into a soundscape of chirping birds and a bouncing ukulele, these elements and more combine to leave the listener with a peaceful and inspired state of mind.

Listening to "Falling is Okay," a track made to make the listener feel at ease, immediately brings a sense of tranquility, then introduces an encouraging dose of motivation.
While staying true to his hip hop roots, Napri blends old school with the new school, creating a musical signature that cannot be forged on "Falling is Okay."

Ever shrouded in mystery, there are talks of a new album from Napri, but for now enjoy the latest..."Falling is Okay."

Check out the video and listen to the track below.


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