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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Charissa Thompson Top 5 Hottest Photos

The Wrap-Up Magazine has just released the top 5 hottest photos of +Charissa Thompson. Charissa Thompson is an American television host and sportscaster with Fox Sports 1 and NBC.
 She is one of the co-hosts on Fox Sports Live, and also one of the co-hosts for the syndicated entertainment news show Extra. Previously, Thompson worked for Fox Sports in her first stint, and Versus, as well as for GSN and the Big Ten Network.
 Charissa Thompson was born on May 4, 1982 in Seattle, Washington. She is currently co-hostess of Fox Sports Live (2013) on Fox.
 Charissa Thompson was nominated one of Playboy's Sexiest Sportscasters of the year. She made it as a Top Five finalist.

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