Tuesday, April 26, 2022

J. Vybe - Up High | Single @j_vybe1221

We all go through struggles in life and some experience more challenges and pain than others. Massachusettes emcee J.Vybe is acutely aware of the challenges that others are going through while bringing you close to his own with his new song, “Up High." J.Vybe isn't just another rapper out here talking about materialism and vanity; he is a true artist building a fanbase one listener at a time through his vulnerability. 

With the beat produced and mixed by Inteligent Dizine Records, "Up High" is a continuation of the chemistry and collaborative effort between J. Vybe and Inteligent with a timeless song to get everyone through the rough patches of life. J.Vybe turns pain into love and light with each track he drops, starting with “Up High.

Check out the song below.

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