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Sunday, October 31, 2021

The King of Hooks - Nate Dogg


American singer, rapper and songwriter Nathaniel Hale Jr., professionally known as Nate Dogg, was born August 19, 1969 in Clarksdale, Mississippi. By the age of 14, his parents would divorce and Nate would move with his mother to Long Beach, California. There he would meet rappers Warren G and Snoop Dogg when they attended the same high school. They bonded over their shared love of hip hop, with Nate singing over Snoop and Warren’s rhymes.

At 16, Nate Dogg dropped out of high school and joined the Marines but went AWOL after three years. After a dishonorable discharge, he returned to Long Beach in 1990 to focus on music.

In December 2007, Nate had a stroke, weakening his body's left side, while his cognition and voice remained intact. Several months later, he had another stroke. In 2011, he died of heart failure at age 41.

Nate Dogg was apart of the hit single 'Regulate'

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