Saturday, October 9, 2021

R. Kelly's Music Sales Soar over 500%


The posthumous effect is a known phenomenon in music and entertainment. When an artist or athlete dies, their output is hyper-valued, and sales associated with the person see a considerable increase. Suppose we accept incarceration as being its own form of death, social death, in particular. In that case, it could explain the 500% increase R. Kelly has seen in sales since being convicted on sex trafficking charges. 

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According to Rolling Stone, Kelly's sales have jumped 517% since the guilty verdict. The New York Post points out that between "Sept. 27 and Oct. 3 — the week following Kelly’s conviction — his 'on-demand audio streams were up 22%,' while his video streams were up 23% compared to the previous seven days.'”

These numbers fly in the face of the chatter about R. Kelly's music being canceled amid the Sept 27 conviction. He is scheduled to be sentenced in May.

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