Friday, October 29, 2021

Jennifer Lopez Talks Beyonce And Who's Better


It’s no secret that Jennifer Lopez has a reputation of being a shady diva - but going after Beyonce?

Believe it or not, J-Lo just revealed she thinks she is BETTER than Queen Bee herself and as you can imagine, the Beehive is now dragging J-Lo on Twitter and calling her delusional.

But what exactly did J-Lo say about her vocal abilities? Did she really compare herself to BEYONCE of all people? Okay, so since J-Lo apparently thinks she can sing like Beyonce…let’s first talk about the fact that J-Lo has a loooong history of throwing shade at other female artists.

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  1. And if sooo.. JLO is the best by a lot far!!! DONT HATE THE BEAUTY GIRLS DONT HATE THE BEAUTY!!!