Saturday, September 18, 2021

Understanding The Beef Between Camron And Jay-Z


Now in 1995 Jay Z formed Rocafella Records with his partners Damon Dash and Kareem Burke. The first project that got released by the label was Reasonable doubt in 1996. The project did not do amazing numbers out the gate. Most of the project’s singles like dead presidents and can’t knock the hustle failed to reach the top 40, It debuted at number 23 on the billboard 200 and sold 43000 copies in it is first week. 

Sales aside this project essentially Rocafella records on the map. By 2002 Jay Z had put out 7 albums. Rocafella had their hands in multiple businesses, they were introducing new artists to Rocafella and one of them is a rapper from East Harlem, New York known as Camron. 

Now Mase took Camron to Biggie house. At the time Camron was trying to get a record deal with a major label he knew that if he impressed Biggie, he might get an opportunity to achieve that dream. Camron freestyled for Biggie for 25 minutes and by the end of the freestyle, Big was so impressed with what he just heard that he cosigned the up and coming rapper. 

Big introduced Camron to record label owner lance Un Riveria and soon after that Camron got signed to Untertainment label.

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