Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Mariah Carey Talks Inspiration, Memoir, And Her Brother


Mariah Carey, addressed 60-year-old Morgan's defamation suit after she wrote about an alleged altercation between him and their late father, Alfred.

In her tell-all book, published in September 2020, Mariah alleged that a dozen police officers had to break up a physical fight between the two men. The pop star's older brother filed the suit in New York Supreme Court in March 2021.

"Her attempt to falsely characterize plaintiff as equally violent as their father, and her subsequent commentary on police relations with Black people was only the beginning of defendant Mariah Carey's desperate attempt to vilify plaintiff, play the victim card and curry favor with the Black Lives Matter movement.

In the new documents filed Friday by the "Honey" singer's lawyers in the Manhattan Supreme Court, Mariah's team claims the story was not meant to defame Morgan but instead serve as an "inspiration" to others who have been through similar experiences.

"The story of Ms. Carey's rise from a dysfunctional and sometimes violent family environment has significant public value, particularly to any young person who may find her/himself stuck in similarly harsh and dispiriting circumstances and who can benefit from the inspiration to employ their talents in pursuit of their dreams.

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