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Monday, June 21, 2021

Gucci Mane - Poppin


Gucci Mane has been reconstructing the 1017 roster ever since he was released from prison. The rapper had Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Asian Doll, and Lil Wop on the roster at one point in time before each artist went their own ways. These days, the 1017 imprint houses some of the hottest rappers in the game such as Pooh Shiesty and the now-incarcerated Foogiano. The latest rapper to sign to the label is Mississippi’s BigWalkDog who Gucci Mane introduced.

Now, BigWalkDog and Gucci Mane have formally cemented the 1017 deal with their new collaboration, “Poppin.” Backed by trickling piano keys, BigWalkDog celebrates his newfound success while vowing to maintain his authenticity in his rise. Meanwhile, Gucci Mane brags about his success rate as an A&R with hopes that BigWalkDog will follow suit.

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