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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Order Your Expandable Grocery Bag by Balenciaga


Balenciaga has never been afraid to churn out cheeky, playful accessories as part of its “Objects” lineup. In the past we’ve seen everything from the world’s most elevated lunchbox to a playground-ready beaded bracelet, but now Balenciaga is headed to the supermarket with a uniquely useful expandable grocery bag.

Available in three colors — a bold plaid, a vibrant red and a simple-yet-effective black — the bag is made of recycled nylon. The red and black colorways use a tonal logo jacquard print while the plaid opts out of further adorning its fabric. A large handle makes the bag easy to carry or sling over your shoulder. Front and center on the design is a circular pouch pocket with a zipped closure. This also doubles as a carrying case: when you’re done using the bag, you can stuff it into this pouch and carry it around with ease thanks to a handy clip.

The Balenciaga Expandable Grocery Bag is available now via the Balenciaga webstore. Its MSRP is set at $325 USD.

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