Friday, April 23, 2021

Questionable Things Everyone Just Ignores About J.Lo


Jennifer Lopez's breakout role in 1997's Selena made her a bona fide superstar. The singer-actress' career has since withstood the test of time. But being in the public eye for so long can come with its own set of grievances, partly because Jennifer Lopez has made some controversial decisions.

Jennifer Lopez stunned viewers when she performed during the 2019 Grammy Awards. With the internet abuzz, some commenters were in disbelief that the music starlet was turning 50 that same year, while others focused on something else. Mainly, that the Latina singer was performing a Motown dance tribute. 

So, why all the backlash? Simply put, Lopez isn't a Motown singer. As viewers took to their social media channels to express their distaste at both J.Lo and the Grammys for picking her during Black History Month, the "Papi" crooner didn't regret the performance. Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, she explained that the tribute was also for her mother, who played all the songs for her growing up: 

"It's just a dream come true…Singing up there with Smokey Robinson, like, I gotta pinch myself. I grew up on all those songs and because my mom loved him so much she passed him on to us." 

Eventually, it was up to Smokey Robinson himself to defend Lopez. The Motown legend told Variety:

"I don't think anyone who is intelligent is upset...Motown was music for everybody. Everybody."

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