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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Mick Jagger Joins Dave Grohl In New Song 'Eazy Sleazy'


Mick Jagger and Dave Grohl are itching for an end to the pandemic shutdowns on a new single, "Eazy Sleazy."

The optimistic and at-times satirical new track features the Rolling Stones frontman on lead vocals and rhythm guitar and the Foo Fighters frontman on everything else.

“It’s a song that I wrote about coming out of lockdown, with some much needed optimism," Jagger said in a statement. "Thanks to Dave Grohl for jumping on drums, bass and guitar, it was a lot of fun working with him. [H]ope you all enjoy 'Eazy Sleazy.'”

In the lyrics, Jagger juxtaposes grief and political frustration with anticipation of how much fun the world will be on the other side of the pandemic — "Everything's gonna get really freaky."

He makes reference to some of the pandemic new normals — "Cancel all the tours / Football's fake applause" — and sprinkles in a jab or two at some of the more uncanny COVID conspiracy theories — "Shooting the vaccine / Bill Gates is in my bloodstream."

Grohl could only express the utmost gratitude at the chance to work with Jagger.

“It’s hard to put into words what recording this song with Sir Mick means to me," he said. "It’s beyond a dream come true. Just when I thought life couldn’t get any crazier...and it’s the song of the summer, without a doubt!!”

Sir Michael Philip Jagger is an English singer, songwriter, actor, and film producer who has gained worldwide fame as the lead singer and one of the founder members of the Rolling Stones.

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