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Saturday, March 6, 2021

#MusicVideo by Fortunato - Truth In Me @IAMFORTUNATO #PressPlay


As the pandemic rages on so does Fortunato with yet another addition to his ever expanding library of music. Fortunato blesses us with visuals for the song Truth In Me from his album Guiding Light In A Dying World.

Shot in Hamilton, Ontario during lockdown by Director Patrick Younger, the video takes us on a visual journey through Fotunato's past transgressions. "Truth In Me is a confession" says Fortunato. "I'm coming to terms with my past and embracing where I am today".

The album is a collaborative project with Halifax producer Dirty Dane that brings a more mellow and soulful vibe than what we're used to hearing from Fortunato. "I'm into Boom Bap and Lofi and the whole Boom Bap revivalism that's been going on" said Dane, "I heard Fortunato's style and I thought he would be a perfect match".

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