Friday, February 12, 2021

See What Rappers Are Saying About R. Kelly Situation

R. Kelly is a legendary R&B artist who took over the industry in the 90s and 00s. R. Kelly is known for his powerful vocals that are often used to make exceptionally long songs. R. Kelly even made a song titled "I Admit" which was 19 minutes long! 

That is absolutely ridiculous if you think about it. R. Kelly seemed unstoppable and unworldly until women started to speak out together against R. Kelly. At first, it was overlooked and wasn't taken seriously but as more women came forward and united, the light was being shined on R. Kelly showing his real colors. In this video, we break down artists standing up against R. Kelly and the things he is being accused of. Some famous artists that have publicly taken a stand against R. Kelly have been Meek Mill and John Legend.

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