Sunday, February 28, 2021

Did you enjoy the #Movie "Mad Money"


Three female employees of the Federal Reserve plot to steal money that is about to be destroyed. Directed by Callie Khouri. With Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah, Katie Holmes, Ted Danson.

The film received three stars in Newsday, and Jan Stuart wrote " Mad Money is no Rififi, but Khouri and Gers invest it with an individuality and generosity of spirit that lift it into the realm of guiltless pleasure." Bill Wine of All Headline News gave the film two and a half stars, writing " Mad Money is a light and lively, likable low-tech lark.


After her husband loses his job, upper-crust housewife Bridget Cardigan (Diane Keaton) is forced to take a job as a janitor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Mo. Spotting a weakness in the bank's security system, Bridget convinces her two new friends Nina (Queen Latifah) and Jackie (Katie Holmes) to help her steal a fortune in worn-out bills that have been earmarked for destruction.

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